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2017 - Remediating Texts and Contexts from Shakespeare to the Present [Curatela]
Angeletti, Gioia; Buonanno, Giovanna; Saglia, Diego

"Remediating Texts and Contexts from Shakespeare to the Present" examines remediation as a pivotal mechanism characterising processes of cultural (re)production and dissemination as well as of literary rewritings and transformations. The various contributions approach the notion of remediation from a plurality of perspectives, analysing its rich phenomenology both in terms of the transferring of a literary or cultural product from one medium to another, and of the changes affecting a single expressive form under the impact of technology. All the essays offer new and original insights into texts and contexts participating in complex media networks of production, consumption, assimilation, competition, and reformulation. Thanks to its broad scope, the collection demonstrates how remediation is not only embedded in our entire cultural system but also refashions it continuously.