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Professore Ordinario
Dipartimento di Ingegneria "Enzo Ferrari"

Insegnamento: Automotive Electronics

Electronics Engineering - Ingegneria Elettronica (Offerta formativa 2022)

Obiettivi formativi

- Outlook of electronics systems in automotive.
- Understanding design flows.
- Understanding customer constraints and how to translate them into project specifications
- Understanding how to work in a group and manage the activity.
- Learning how to give effective presentations of project results.



Programma del corso

Introduce the ideas behind electronic systems as used in automotive.
The field of application is wide. Describe some relevant technologies.
Introduce systems considerations leading to choice of devices.
Describe some current ideas and research topics.
Project activity to gain expertise and autonomy.

Metodi didattici

few lectures on Autmotive electronic systems, Rules and regulation, Project management.
Hands-on Lab:
Project specifications from a company
students are divided in groups to deliver the project proposed by the company

Testi di riferimento

Slides and papers uploaded in MS Teams
Technical books

Verifica dell'apprendimento

During the semester, there will be few "progress meetings" with the company expert to monitor the advancement of the project.
Final exam will be on the project presentation and demo
Group presentation will be evaluated by professor, experts and fellow students

Risultati attesi

Ability to analyze customer specifications and to translate them into project specifications.

Ability to design electronic systems and predict their characteristics using simulators.