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2021 - Influence of magnetic field on the electrodeposition and capacitive performances of MnO2 [Articolo su rivista]
Girimonte, A.; Stefani, A.; Innocenti, M.; Fontanesi, C.; Giovanardi, R.

This study focuses on the influence of an applied external magnetic field on the elec-trodeposition process and capacitive performances of MnO2, as pseudo-capacitive active material for supercapacitors electrodes. MnO2 was electrochemically deposited on Si/Au substrates in the presence and in the absence of a 0.5 T magnet, and its capacitive performance was tested via electrochemical characterization. The samples obtained in the presence of the magnetic field show a positive influence on the deposition process: the increase in deposition efficiency leads to more compact and uniform MnO2 coatings, with a decrease in capacitance values for the samples produced with the magnetic field.