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2021 - Clinical Studies of COMET for Total LSCD: a Review of the Methods and Molecular Markers for Follow-Up Characterizations [Articolo su rivista]
Attico, Eustachio; Galaverni, Giulia; Pellegrini, Graziella

Purpose of Review This review outlines the main features of the clinical trials where cultivated oral mucosa epithelial cell transplantation (COMET) was performed, aiming to underscore a link between the clinical outcome and the expression of specific markers during the follow-up of patients, characteristic for a defined epithelium (cornea, oral mucosa, or conjunctiva) or related to vascularization. Recent Findings Currently, little is known about the reasons underlying the success or failure of COMET. To address this issue, we focused on tissue characterization at the molecular level, highlighting the findings concerning angiogenesis. Summary There are several discrepancies in the outcomes of COMET clinical trials. While some corneal/conjunctival markers can be considered reliable for understanding the biological mechanisms that drive corneal repair after transplants, a unique marker specifically expressed in the oral mucosa and an accurate study of the vascularization processes are currently missing. Together, these insights will help forecast successes and failures of these technologies.

2021 - Regenerative Medicine of Epithelia: Lessons From the Past and Future Goals [Articolo su rivista]
Maurizi, Eleonora; Adamo, Davide; Magrelli, Federica Maria; Galaverni, Giulia; Attico, Eustachio; Merra, Alessia; Maffezzoni, Maria Benedetta Rizzarda; Losi, Lorena; Genna, Vincenzo Giuseppe; Sceberras, Virginia; Pellegrini, Graziella

This article explores examples of successful and unsuccessful regenerative medicine on human epithelia. To evaluate the applications of the first regenerated tissues, the analysis of the past successes and failures addresses some pending issues and lay the groundwork for developing new therapies. Research should still be encouraged to fill the gap between pathologies, clinical applications and what regenerative medicine can attain with current knowledge.

2020 - Preclinical study for treatment of hypospadias by advanced therapy medicinal products [Articolo su rivista]
Sceberras, V.; Attico, E.; Bianchi, E.; Galaverni, G.; Melonari, M.; Corradini, F.; Fantacci, M.; Ribbene, A.; Losi, L.; Balò, S.; Lazzeri, M.; Trombetta, C.; Rizzo, M.; Manfredini, R.; Barbagli, G.; Pellegrini, G.

Purpose This paper explores the feasibility of a new therapy for the treatment of hypospadias patients. Hypospadias is a very common congenital malformation of male genitals, with very high rate of recurrences after surgery. The field of regenerative medicine, which offers innovative solutions for many pathologies, still does not offer reliable solution for this pathology. Here, we propose quality, safety, and clinical feasibility assessment for an oral mucosa advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) grown on a biocompatible scaffold for a clinical study on urethral reconstruction of hypospadias patients. Methods Urethral and oral mucosal epithelia from donor biopsies were cultivated between two fibrin layers, under clinical-grade conditions for cell and tissue characterization and comparison, aimed at tissue engineering. In addition, single-clone analyses were performed to analyze gene expression profiles of the two epithelia by microarray technology. Results Oral mucosa appeared suitable for urethral reconstruction. The resulting ATMP was proven to maintain stem cells and regenerative potency. The preclinical safety studies were performed on human tissues to assess abnormalities and tumorigenicity, and confirmed the safety of the ATMP. Finally, the patient selection and the clinical protocol for the upcoming clinical trial were defined. Conclusions Against this backdrop, in this paper, we are proposing a new reproducible and reliable ATMP for the treatment of hypospadias.