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2020 - Low cost 3D tin sheet multiband shark-fin antenna for LTE MIMO vehicular application [Articolo su rivista]
Melli, F.; Lenzini, S.; Cerretelli, M.; Coscelli, E.; Notari, A.; Vincetti, L.

A low cost and low-profile multiband 3D antenna for roof-top vehicular applications is presented. The radiating element is obtained through a folded metal sheet shaping a geometry that makes the antenna works in the LTE (Long-Term Evolution) bands. Thanks to its particular shape and its small size the antenna can be positioned under the automotive common used shark-fin case. Furthermore, the design allows an easy industrialization process, using low cost material. In fact, the designed shape needs only to be cut and folded without any welding process. In addition to the designed antenna, simulations and measurements take into account another radiating element in order to analyze its behavior in a MIMO (Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output) configuration. For the proposed solution good performances have been demonstrated from both numerical and measurements results.

2020 - Non-idealities in hollow core inhibited coupling fibers [Relazione in Atti di Convegno]
Melli, F.; Giovanardi, F.; Rosa, L.; Vincetti, L.

Hollow Core Inhibited Coupling Fibers are experiencing an impressive reduction of their propagation loss. Despite that, there is still a difference between experimental loss and the theoretical minimum defined by confinement loss. This difference is assumed to be due to additional losses caused by geometrical irregularities of the real fibers compared to the ideal geometry, due to the fabrication process. In this work, we numerically investigate additional losses coming from several kinds of geometrical imperfections, highlighting their impact in defining fiber total loss.

2019 - Low Profile Wideband 3D Antenna for Roof-Top LTE Vehicular Applications [Relazione in Atti di Convegno]
Melli, Federico; Lenzini, Stefano; Cerretelli, M.; Coscelli, E.; Notari, A.; Selleri, S.; Vincetti, L.

In this study, a low profile wideband 3D antenna for roof-top LTE vehicular applications is presented. The structure consists of folded metal sheets welded together building a geometry that allows covering two LTE bands: 700MHz-960MHz, 1700MHz-2700MHz. The shape and the size of the antenna allow to fit it under the shark-fin case, and thanks to the chosen material the production costs are low. Simulations and measurements have been performed taking into account two antennas working as a MIMO configuration. Both numerical and measurement results show good performances in terms of return loss, coupling and gain.