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2006 - Simulazione dinamica e sintesi strutturale per il contenimento delle vibrazioni di un cogeneratore termoelettrico [Relazione in Atti di Convegno]
Benetti, Matteo; Castagnetti, Davide; Dragoni, Eugenio; Rubini, Riccardo; E., Zanichelli

This paper deals with the design and the vibration analysis of a small-size (30 kVA) cogeneration unit, which can produce electric and thermal energy both for domestic and industrial appliances. To optimize the machine unsatisfactory dynamic behaviour (vibrations and noise), a discrete system approach was at first considered, also employing the design of experiments (DOE) technique to easily attain the best solution, then FEM analysis and measures with accelerometers on a prototype were performed. The solutions obtained allowed a significant improvement of the cogenerator behaviour, without adding any costs, being the final structure of the machine almost equal to the original version.