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2021 - Evaluation of Inverter Architectures for Output Voltage Overshoot Reduction in WBG Electric Drives [Relazione in Atti di Convegno]
Savi, F.; Barater, D.; Nuzzo, S.; Franceschini, G.

The electrification of Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) has brought to light several challenges for electrical actuation systems currently in use, above all their low power density. To hit the required targets, a strong increase of the performance, for both machines and drives, will be required. On the power electronic side, wide bandgap devices promise to enable much higher operating frequencies and temperatures, that can drastically cut down on the size of heatsinks and all magnetic components. However, their fast transition times produce an increased electric stress on the stator insulation system, which can experience partial discharges in some cases, thus quickly degrading. This paper strives to thoroughly compare several drive architectures that can mitigate this challenge, guiding the topology choice by analyzing power efficiency, ability to limit or eliminate overvoltages, reliability of the inverter structure and costs.

2021 - Femtocore: An Application Specific Processor for Vertically Integrated High Performance Real-Time Controls [Articolo su rivista]
Savi, F.; Harikumaran, J.; Barater, D.; Buticchi, G.; Gerada, C.; Wheeler, P.

In applications that require a high availability and high performance (for example aerospace),modular power electronics and multi-phase machines represent an advantageous choice. In this framework, a control system able to handle a high number of PWM signals and communication interfaces as well as featuring a high computational power is required. This paper proposes a novel HDL plus soft-core approach to be implemented on System-on-Chip hardware which allows for the efficient and modular implementation of the modern control techniques with strong guarantees in terms of determinism. The proposal lies in the adoption of a very simplified and optimized floating-point soft-core, the femtocore (fCore) and its tool-chain, which allows C-like implementation of complex algorithms in a HDL-design power electronics control framework. Several fCore units can be arranged for parallel processing to handle the time requirements of a complex modular system even with low sampling time (100 kHz or more). The proposed architecture is experimentally validated in a proof-of-concept, six-phase electric machine including a comparison against a traditional method.

2020 - High-Speed Electric Drives: A Step Towards System Design [Articolo su rivista]
Savi, Filippo; Barater, Davide; Nardo, Mauro Di; Degano, Michele; Gerada, Chris; Wheeler, Pat; Buticchi, Giampaolo

2020 - Multiphase fault tolerant distributed control techniques for integrated drives based on resonant regulators [Relazione in Atti di Convegno]
Savi, F.; Barater, D.; Buticchi, G.; Wheeler, P.; Gerada, C.

One of the challenges brought forward by the gradual electrification undertaken by the aviation sector is the requirement of fault tolerance for machine drive systems to be used for critical on-board tasks such as propulsion or primary flight surface actuation. Their inherent advantages in both volumetric and gravimetric power density makes integrated drives the prime candidates for these applications. Despite the large advances in this field, few key area still need work. Key among which is fault tolerant current control strategies. This paper studies the application of resonant control techniques to achieve a scalable and fault tolerant current control strategy for multiphase machine.