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2022 - Diffusion–convection reaction equations with sign-changing diffusivity and bistable reaction term [Articolo su rivista]
Berti, Diego; Corli, Andrea; Malaguti, Luisa

We consider a reaction–diffusion equation with a convection term in one space variable, where the diffusion changes sign from the positive to the negative and the reaction term is bistable. We study the existence of wavefront solutions, their uniqueness and regularity. The presence of convection reveals several new features of wavefronts: according to the mutual positions of the diffusivity and reaction, profiles can occur either for a single value of the speed or for a bounded interval of such values; uniqueness (up to shifts) is lost; moreover, plateaus of arbitrary length can appear; profiles can be singular where the diffusion vanishes.

2021 - Wavefronts for degenerate diffusion-convection reaction equations with sign-changing diffusivity [Articolo su rivista]
Berti, Diego; Corli, Andrea; Malaguti, Luisa

We consider in this paper a diffusion-convection reaction equation in one space dimension. The main assumptions are about the reaction term, which is monostable, and the diffusivity, which changes sign once or even more than once; then, we deal with a forward-backward parabolic equation. Our main results concern the existence of globally defined traveling waves, which connect two equilibria and cross both regions where the diffusivity is positive and regions where it is negative. We also investigate the monotony of the profiles and show the appearance of sharp behaviors at the points where the diffusivity degenerates. In particular, if such points are interior points, then the sharp behaviors are new and unusual.

2020 - Uniqueness and nonuniqueness of fronts for degenerate diffusion-convection reaction equations [Articolo su rivista]
Berti, D.; Corli, A.; Malaguti, L.

We consider a scalar parabolic equation in one spatial dimension. The equation is constituted by a convective term, a reaction term with one or two equilibria, and a positive diffusivity which can however vanish. We prove the existence and several properties of traveling-wave solutions to such an equation. In particular, we provide a sharp estimate for the minimal speed of the profiles and improve previous results about the regularity of wavefronts. Moreover, we show the existence of an infinite number of semi-wavefronts with the same speed.