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2017 - Survival of cancer patients in Italy [La sopravvivenza dei pazienti oncologici in Italia [La sopravvivenza dei pazienti oncologici in Italia] [Articolo su rivista]
Coviello, V; Buzzoni, C; Fusco, M; Barchielli, A; Cuccaro, F; De Angelis, R; Giacomin, A; Luminari, S; Randi, G; Mangone, L; AIRTUM Working, Group

Population-based survival statistics are fundamental to assess the efficacy of services offered to improve cancer patients' prognosis. This study aims to update cancer survival estimates for the Italian population, as well as provide new measures, such as the crude probability of death, which takes into account the possibility of dying from causes other than cancer, and the change in life expectancy after a cancer diagnosis, to properly address various questions.