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2010 - Evolution in Communication and Neural Processing (GECO2010): from first organism and plants to man and beyond [Altro]
Arru, Laura; Maistrello, Lara; Brancolini, Gabriella

First International Multidisciplinary Congress on Evolution in Communication and Neural Processing, that was held in Modena the 18-19 of November 2010. For the first time, researchers on Plant Physiology, Ethology, Entomology, Engineering, Physics, Medicine, commonly considered to belong to different worlds, joined together to share their opinion about · communication, sensing, signaling in plants · animal brain and collective animal behaviour · brain, mind, and neural network · social insects · bio-inspired robots Can plants discriminate between self and non-self? Does it exist a leitmotiv linking insects, animals, men, plants, and robots? Different evolutionary processes lead to develop communication at all levels of biological organization, from individual organism to ecological communities: from plants that integrate information from the environment into responsive "behaviour", to human mind and artificial intelligence, to the behaviour of more or less decentralized intelligence systems, such as those found in social insects.