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2021 - Cerium Containing Bioactive Glasses: A Review [Articolo su rivista]
Zambon, Alfonso; Malavasi, Gianluca; Pallini, Annalisa; Fraulini, Francesca; Lusvardi, Gigliola

Bioactive glasses (BGs) for biomedical applications are doped with therapeutic inorganic ions (TIIs) in order to improve their performance and reduce the side effects related to the surgical implant. Recent literature in the field shows a rekindled interest toward rare earth elements, in particular cerium, and their catalytic properties. Cerium-doped bioactive glasses (Ce-BGs) differ in compositions, synthetic methods, features, and in vitro assessment. This review provides an overview on the recent development of Ce-BGs for biomedical applications and on the evaluation of their bioactivity, cytocompatibility, antibacterial, antioxidant, and osteogenic and angiogenic properties as a function of their composition and physicochemical parameters.