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2017 - Driveline instability of racing motorcycles in straight braking manoeuvre [Articolo su rivista]
Leonelli, Luca; Cattabriga, Stefano; Sorrentino, Silvio

Experimental evidence shows that a self-excited vibration may appear during braking manoeuvres performed by road-racing motorcycles. It involves vertical oscillation of front and rear wheel axles as well as angular oscillation of the driveline in a frequency range between 17 and 22 Hz. As a consequence, severe oscillations of the tyre-ground vertical loads can be observed, leading to a loss of grip and ultimately weakening the vehicle overall performance. Several contributions on this topic can be accounted for in the literature; however, a comprehensive description of the phenomenon has not been given yet. The present work is aimed at simulating the above vibration with a planar multibody motorcycle model, and then at analyzing its driving mechanism. Stability maps are drawn for time-invariant braking manoeuvres, and validated with respect to time domain simulations.