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Dipartimento di Ingegneria "Enzo Ferrari"

Insegnamento: Engine Components Design and Manufacturing/Internal Combustion Engines

Advanced Automotive Engineering (Offerta formativa 2023)

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Programma del corso

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Metodi didattici

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Testi di riferimento

Teachers' notes and presentations are sufficient for attending the course.

In the following some books of interest:
Hoag, Kevin, “Vehicular Engine Design”, Springer;
Richard Van Basshuysen, Fred Schaefer, “Internal Combustion Engine Handbook, 2nd English Edition”, SAE International;
John Manning, “Internal Combustion Engine Design”, Ricardo;
S. Kalpakajian, S. Schmid, “Manufacturing Engineering & Technology”, Prentice Hall; G. Boothroyd, P. Dewhurst, W.
M. F. Ashby, “Materials Selection in Mechanical Design”, Butterworth-Heinemann.
Ferrari, G., D'Errico, G., Onorati, A. "Internal Combustion Engines". Società Editrice Esculapio, 2022, ISBN 978-88-9835-306-4.

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