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Docente Interateneo presso: Dipartimento di Ingegneria "Enzo Ferrari"

Insegnamento: Technical Regulations and Validation Tests

Advanced Automotive Engineering (D.M.270/04) (Offerta formativa 2020)

Obiettivi formativi

This class aims to give the students an overview of the regulations that govern the motorsport world, and how these define the level of safety and performance of all the racing categories. In addition, it will be demonstrated how the regulations deeply affect the engineering work in terms of design, structural analysis, experimental testing, aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics and on-track operations.

Even though the regulations define the performance level of a category, it is always possible to increase the performance reading the regulations in a clever way and pushing the design at the very edge of legality. This is true for every racing category and especially true where the competition is particularly high, as in F1 (practical examples and strategies for each car area will be provided).

Particular care will be given on how the FIA, and the other international motorsport organizations, are composed and operate, especially in the creation of a new championship or regulation. The relationships between the FIA, racing teams, car manufactures and championship organizers are complex but present several challenges and opportunities that have to be managed, and taken advantage of, from the technical, strategical, and business point of views.

A chapter-by-chapter study of the current F1 technical regulation will be performed, with a particular focus on the structural, and safety, parts. The homologation of the chassis, bodywork, and crash structures will be discussed in-depth. This comprises a study of the regulation, an extensive workshop on finite element simulations of the homologation tests, and performing in the lab homologation experimental tests (both static and crash).


Basic knowledge on solid mechanics, FE analysis and composite materials.

Programma del corso

The class presents lectures, workshops and seminars on various topics. Each topic will be covered by an expert of that particular field.

- Seminar on the FIA (given by a FIA representative), on how it is composed and regulates motorsport. Explanation on the creation of new regulations. Legality checks on cars during races. Process to accept a new car in a category.

- F1 technical regulation: implications and opportunities for the design.

- F1 technical regulation: implications and opportunities for the aerodynamics and bodywork.

- F1 technical regulation: chassis and crash structures homologation process and bodywork legality tests.

- Seminar on the major changes in the F1 technical regulations during the last decades and the reasons behind it.

- Extensive FE workshop on the simulation of the homologation and legality tests. The initial part will be dedicated to the training on the FE method and the software.

- Experimental static homologation tests and legality tests on real components will be performed in the Dallara laboratories.

- Visit to the C.S.I. laboratories (Bollate, MI) to learn about the certifications in the motorsport and automotive field and perform a nosecone homologation crash test.

- Non-destructive testing technics workshop.

- Seminar on strategy and business in motorsport, from the race car manufacturer perspective.

- Seminar on optimal internal aerodynamics of formula cars, starting from the regulation boundaries.

- Seminar on car design and race management under a Balance of Performance regulation

Metodi didattici

Lectures, seminars, FE workshops and experimental testing.

Testi di riferimento

Class notes and slides. Additional suggested books to be defined.

Verifica dell'apprendimento

Written exam and a FE group work.

Risultati attesi

- Performance-based reading of the technical regulation.
- Understanding of the homologation process.
- Knowledge of the main aspects of the experimental and virtual (FEM) testing.
- Understanding of the main aspects and players of the motorsport world.